Thursday, February 7, 2008

Madamme President

I simply cannot wait. Can you?

As if we did not need a reminder of why the Clintons should never grace the Oval Office. George Will reminds us, and, frankly, I have never heard of this particular "deal"/"payoff"/"scandal"/"et al"/"ad nauseum" when the duo returns to the Oval Office.

Bill Clinton by executive edict, declared 1.7 million acres of Utah to be a national monument. Under those acres are the largest known deposit—more than 60 billion tons—of low-sulfur, clean-burning coal. The second largest deposit, the value of which rose because of Clinton's action locking up an alternative supply, is in Indonesia and is owned by a member of the Indonesian Riady family, of fragrant memory, which was generous to Clinton's 1992 campaign.