Friday, February 8, 2008

Re: Reagan 2.0

Enough already.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I Ronald Wilson Reagan in high regard.

It has been discussed ad nauseum since Governor Romney's galiant exit from this year Republican primaries that Romeny is the heir apparent to the Regan legacy.

I have grown tired of such banter, and I think it tarnishes the legacy of Regan that everyone wants to proclaim themselves the next Reagan.

I think the article mentioned by The Abacus below delves into that subject itself:

Mitt Romney is not the next Ronald Reagan, at least not yet. That’s not a personal criticism of him, it’s just a reflection of the fact that Reagan spent a good 30 years prior to 1976 studying and speaking out on the Communist threat, he spent two terms as the governor of the country’s most populous state, and built and led a movement that was always larger than himself. Reagan was always about the battle of ideas and moving the country away from big government and toward smaller government. In a serious way, Reagan led an ideological war against Communism that culminated the year after he left office, when the Berlin Wall came down. There is no analogous political figure on the scene today, who has spent decades studying the threat we face now from al Qaeda and its ideological allies. There just isn’t. We shouldn’t kid ourselves that there is and no one at this point has earned Reagan’s mantle.

And, that is just the beginning of any analysis on this subject.