Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Weak Case Against Romney

It appears that "flip-flopper" is the new "He's a Mormon". According to the Evangelical Outpost, Romney is a "flip-flopper" of the worst type. However, as with most arguments similar to this one given by the Evangelical Outpost, people seem to assume "flipping" is the same as "flip-flopping". If you notice, most of the arguments given by Evangelical Outpost demonstrate Romney's thoughts and positions over the years...not examples of Romney flipping to one position than back to the other. In one such case, the blogger gives a time frame of Romney's thoughts on stem cell research. In 2002, Romney supported stem cell research, but in 2005, Romney vetoed the stem cell research bill. Um...am I missing something here? For anyone that reads the bill in question and the commentary surrounding it, it is quite obvious that Romney supported stem cell research as long as it doesn't include embryonic stem cell research (I happen to have this stance as well).

Unfortunately, this manipulation of the facts is widespread between Huckabee and McCain supporters. As a Conservative, I'm ashamed that the evolution of thought is dismissed as pandering or "flip-flopping". Isn't that what we want for non-conservatives is for them to find the error of their ways and believe in the values and merit of Conservatism? Apparently not, for some.