Wednesday, February 6, 2008

National Signing Day 2008

Upon perusing the Beans & Scales website on my first visit, my first reaction was there seemed to be a great deal of political discussion taking place, which, sure, is a good thing in its own way. I guess. However, with all the hoopla taking place about “Super Tuesday” and the primary results, somehow one of the most important days of the year was overlooked. Yep. National Signing Day………which just happened to be today. This obviously was in need of a remedy, so I am proud to present the 2008 National Signing Day Recruiting Recap.

Some of this, well, maybe a lot of this, may not make much sense to the novice reader, as I spent countless hours today dedicated to a constant refreshing of in order to be properly versed on all of the “recruit-speak” and up-to-date on the newest developments. And, yes, I have a job. But that’s neither here nor there. I’ll spend this post only highlighting some players from Alabama’s Class, and may post later with thoughts on other teams.

University of Alabama
Rivals Rank: 1

Obviously the gem of the class, Mr. Julio Jones (Rivals Rank: *****), came today at a press conference. Jones is the number 1 rated WR in the country, which probably means that he’s already the best WR Alabama’s had since, umm, well……..Freddie Milons had a good year a while back. Hopefully, he is accomplished at "hitch" routes, as JP Wilson sometimes has trouble hitting targets that are actually in motion.

Onto the second highest rated recruit in this class. Mr. Burton Scott (Rivals Rank *****). I don’t really know a great deal about him since he committed so early in the process. Well, other than the fact that he spends his days saving children from burning buildings and ran a 4.4 last week----in the 250 yard dash.

Third comes Star Jackson (Rivals Rank ****), the QB of the future at the Capstone. And, no, that’s not a stage name. He’s a dual threat quarterback that the Tide isn’t accustomed to having. As an added bonus, if you think I’m not running out tomorrow to buy a jersey of anyone who plays quarterback and is named Star Jackson, well, you simply don’t know me well enough.

Next is Wesley Neighbors, a legacy recruit who doubles as a cornerback. He hauled in a 3-star rating from, but, after I began nodding in acceptance, I was ushered back to reality by the following conversation.
Me: Hey, we just got a new commitment. He plays CB. Looks pretty solid.
Friend: What’s his name?
Me: Hmm. Looks like it’s Wesley Neighbors.
Friend: (With Bitter Beer Face). That sounds like someone who gives up 300 yard passing games.
Me: Crap. You’re right.

Finally comes another QB, Brad Smelley (Rivals Rank ***). I was thoroughly confused about why Alabama would extend a scholarship to another quarterback in this class after having already gotten a commitment from someone named Star Jackson, so I posed this query to the above referenced friend. His response? “Well, it’s not like Coach Saban is going to be holding the clipboard for the next 4 years.” To which I say, touché, friend, touché.